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The access data has been sent to your phone number or email. If not, contact your manger
Work with a computer in the web version using the same username and password
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Login and password
How do I get a username and password for a platform user?
You can request a username and password from the platform administrators or your supervisor.
How do I get a username and password for the platform administrator?
Login and password of the platform administrator with the required access rights can be obtained from Tech support of the platform in consultation with the company's management.
What is the difference between user and supervisor access?
Each manager and his subordinates have a mobile account of the manager. Statistics, team progress, feedback and motivation functions are available in the mobile dashboard.
I can't log in. The issued username and password are not suitable. Where can I get the right one?
In 90% of these cases, the password is simply entered incorrectly. Click on the eyes icon to the right in the password entry bar. The characters will become visible and you can easily check that the password is entered correctly. If this doesn't work, try resetting your password, or contact your platform administrator or technical support.
I entered it several times. Nothing works. What to do?
You can ask your questions to our support team. It is available by calling the hotline, email, and chat in the admin panel of the administrator. Explain the problem and they will help you. You can find up-to-date technical support contacts on the app login screen.
I got an administrator login and password, but the system won't let me access the web application. What's happening?
To log in to the web application, use the user's account and password.
The administrator's username and password are used to manage the platform. To use the administrator's features, you need to go to the admin panel and log in there with the admin account issued to you. The button to go to the admin panel is located at the top of the page, on the right.
How do I restore my password?
You can restore your password by resetting it via SMS. Therefore, the phone number and email address must be correct and unique.
Do I have to enter my real first and last name?
We recommend that you use your real first and last name, as this may be important for your manager and system administrators, as well as for you, your rating, the ability to accumulate and exchange points.
Can I change the login password that was provided to me?
Yes, you can do this yourself in the user profile settings.
Platform functionality
I don't see some of the features I need. But they are included in the platform description. Is this version fully functional?
The availability of the functionality is stipulated by the terms of the contract. Also, some features require special testing and settings.
I'm not happy with what your test looks like. Are any settings possible here?
The application allows you to set many options for test settings at platform administrator level. The platform administrator decides how the test will look, what questions and in what form will be added to it.

If you have any suggestions for improving the display of tests, please voice them to the platform administrator or technical support.
I want to make suggestions for improving the platform. How do I do this?
Please make your offer to our customer support: by mail
What should I do if a test or course crashes during an incoming call or when another app is active?
We recommend that you download this material and go through it offline (disable the Internet). The app will update the results automatically when the internet is turned on again.
What should I do if I don't receive an email about password recovery?
We recommend that you repeat the request, check the "Spam" folder, or contact our support service.
What should I do if the video is displayed in a horizontal orientation while the test questions are displayed vertically?
We recommend enabling the "Auto-rotate the screen"
How will I receive notifications?
Notifications are sent as push messages. The platform administrator can configure the logic of notifications and their frequency.
What should I do if I don't receive any alerts or notifications?
We recommend that you enable " Notifications "and disable" Activity Monitoring " in your smartphone settings.
Installing the app and registration
What should I do if a notification pops up during registration that the number has already been registered?
Please contact the support service. Your phone number may have already been registered on our platform once.
The app takes a long time to download or install. What is its size?
This is most likely due to an unstable or weak Internet connection. The app size is 65 MB and usually installs in a few seconds.